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Penguin Electric Wine Dispenser  Automatic, Quick, Electronic Decanter for Red Wine

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Penguin Electric Wine Dispenser Automatic, Quick, Electronic Decanter for Red Wine

The Electric Wine Aerator is a device that enhances the taste and aroma of red or white wine by accelerating the saturation of wine with oxygen and promoting the rapid release of tannin and fermentation products. The aerator is designed with a large contact surface with air and a pump button for easy use, providing perfectly aerated wine straight to the glass.

The wine drink dispenser has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that is durable and high-powered, and can be charged via a USB Type-C port (charging cable included). When fully charged, it can continuously pour around 30 wine bottles, eliminating the need to spend extra money on batteries.
 The wine dispenser has an integrated design that allows the upper part to be rotated and removed, turning it into a small and exquisite sealing wine stopper for wine bottles. This feature helps preserve the wine flavor and provides a one stop solution for wine dispensing, aeration, and storage with 100% seal anti-leakage.
 The two silicone tubes of the wine straw dispenser can reach the bottom of smaller and larger wine bottles, allowing to pour every last drop of red or white wine.
 The electric wine dispenser has a unique and creative design, featuring a high-quality matte coating with a delicate texture and comfortable hand feel. The built-in aerator and poorer spout are precisely designed to pour wine with a graceful posture, avoiding splashing and providing a gentle and elegant wine separation process. It's an ideal choice for wine gifts, birthdays, and unique gifts for women.